20+ Awesome Web Development & Management Tools for 2020


By Hasanuzzaman Sarker

Business Development Officer

Date: October 25, 2019

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Today’s world is changing day by day. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, IOT and a lot of things exist in front of us. That is why a web developer must be proactive in learning new programming languages as well as new techniques. Today I am going to discuss several web development and management tools and resources for 2020 that will help web developers managing a company/firm or individual client.

Behind all the web development tools is language. A programming language is a formal constructed language which is designed to communicate with the computer and create programs in which we can control the behavior. There are so many programming languages such as- PHP, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, Ruby, Scala, CSS3, SQL, Golang, Rust, Elixir, TypeScript etc. I think as a web developer; you have already known details about these languages. You have to choose one or more than one particular language where you are good at.

Now, I’m sharing a list of database which refers to a collection of information that is stored to be retrieved, managed and updated.

  1. MySQL  
  2. MangoDB (Next-generation database)
  3. PostgreSQL 
  4. MariaDB 

Let’s talk about some special management tools that make you smart. 

Collaboration Tools 

For effective communication and collaboration, a web development team needs some useful tools. These following tools can help employees streamline their development workflow.  

i) Slack is a great messaging app by which your working life becomes productive and straightforward. Our Augnitive team uses Slack for communication purpose. 

ii) Trello helps your team stay organized, which is a flexible and visual way. It’s our favourite tool. 

iii) Glip helps to chat, share files, and for task management and video conferencing to unlock your team’s full potential.

iv) Skype is a wonderful tool for chatting, file sending, video conferencing smoothly with your clients or employees.

Without the above tools, you can use Asana, Jira, etc. as collaboration tools. 

Website Speed Test Tools 

Website speed is an essential factor for success because when your site will be loading faster, have higher conversion rates and lower bounce rate; it will be beneficial for higher SEO ranking. So, you can follow some free available tools: 

i) GTmetrix provides you insight about your site loads and suggestions on how to optimize it. 

ii) Google PageSpeed Insights can analyze the content of a web page and then it generates suggestions for making the page faster. 

iii) Dotcom-Tools Speed Test is important for analyzing your website’s speed regularly from 25 locations worldwide.  

iv) WebPageTest helps to run a free website speed test at real consumer connection speeds.  

v) Website Speed Test is a page speed test that includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. 

Web Development Newsletters 

A web development newsletter can carry a substantial amount of information, making it easier to create awareness around your products and services. It is a great marketing tool. By using it, you can connect with new prospects.

Fresh Brewed

i) Fresh Brewed is a weekly reading digest for UX designers as well as front-end developers. 

ii) WDRL refers a handcrafted which carefully selected list of web development related resources. 

iii) StatusCode Weekly is a weekly newsletter covering software development, Web operations, infrastructure, platforms, and performance, from the browser down to the metal. 

v) Friday front-end is related front-end development links tweeted daily, emailed weekly.

Project proposal Tools

Sometimes, web developers have to send project offer or proposal to clients. You can use the following tools which create your proposal automatically. 


i) Bonsai products have deep integration and smart automation to save you time. 

ii) Venngage is an online proposal maker. It offers a library of fully customization templates.

Meeting Tool 

Web developers need to set a meeting with domestic or foreign clients. So, you can use the following tool for your meeting purpose smoothly. 


i) Hugo focuses on centralized, searchable meeting setting and note-taking. You can also connect it with Slack.  

Finally, I hope these web development tools and resources will be more beneficial for making your task smartly in 2020. I can’t list every tool and resource, but I mention the core part. So, what kind of tools can I include in my next blog, comment Us. Keep connecting with us- Augnitive|Blog for getting update.

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