WordPress vs Laravel Which one is better? A Full Laravel vs WordPress comparison


By Md Ifran

Executive, Business Development

Date: July 19, 2021

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When it comes to web development WordPress and Laravel are the two most used stacks. While WordPress is a CMS and Laravel is a web framework that is used to build CMS. Both are PHP-based but there are few differences between them. In this article, we will provide a full Laravel vs WordPress comparison.

About WordPress 

WordPress is a platform to create a free website as it is an open-source system. More technically, WordPress is a PHP-based content management system (CMS) that leverages a MySQL database. WordPress is the cheapest and the most effective blogger and website developer nowadays.

For a range of websites, WordPress is a great website platform. WordPress is a flexible CMS, ranging from blogging to e-commerce to websites for businesses and portfolios. WordPress is a wonderful option for large and small websites, designed with usability and flexibility in mind.

Here are five interesting facts about WordPress 

1. WordPress now has over 27 per cent of all websites, according to W3Techs’ web technology studies.
2. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg has formed a WordPress Foundation to defend the freedoms afforded by open source. It owns the ‘WordPress’ brand and safeguards the freedoms that the open source software licensing offers.
3. Thousands of government sites are powered by WordPress across the world. The list consists of dozens of websites, counties, small towns, high schools of the US federal and state administrations.
4. WordPress is fully localized and translated into 68 languages.
5. The multi-site feature is built in for WordPress and is hidden by default. It allows you to establish the same WordPress installation across a network of websites.

Here are five advantages of using WordPress

1. The coding underlying WordPress is relatively clean and easy to understand and indexes site content for search engines which makes WordPress SEO friendly.
2. WordPress has an elegant design and is incredibly simple to use. Regularly introducing additional pages, blog posts, pictures, etc. is tedious and easy.
3. WordPress serves as your website’s engine. The appearance and feel of the website may be 100% tailored so that you can see your brand on your site and offer your visitors a unique experience.
4. With plugins, most of them free or at a very reasonable expense, WordPress makes adding functionality very feasible.
5. WordPress-powered websites are very scalable. The functionality of the site cannot be impaired by hundreds of thousands of blogs or pages on your site.

About Laravel 

Laravel is a PHP web framework that uses substantial and elegant syntaxes to construct high-end Web apps. It includes a powerful toolbox and an architecture for applications. It also covers different technological features like ASP.NET MVC, CodeIgniter, Rail Ruby, and much more.

This framework is also open source. The program makes the development of complete web applications easier by saving enormous time and reducing thinking and preparation for the developers.

Here are five interesting facts about Laravel

1. It has created some 1,255,187 websites worldwide according to current data.
2. Laravel offers a virtual help area where programmers can talk, solve doubts and help each other 24/7!
3. It was awarded the best-known PHP framework in 2015 by site point survey.
4. Laravel’s source code is hosted via GitHub and released under MIT License .
5. Taylor Otwell built Laravel to give a more sophisticated CodeIgniter alternative

Here are five advantages of using Laravel

1. Laravel features a strong and lightweight template engine, which is pre-installed and helps developers produce amazing layouts.
2. Each module on your web-based application has been tested through Laravel’s unit test so it makes sure a functional website goes live. 
3. Another advantage that Laravel gives is the integration of mail services. It is used to give users alerts to inform them of the different events on the website. 
4. Laravel is the platform & the sole supplier that has dynamic libraries enabled & pre-installed. 
5. It takes care of security within its framework so there is no extra hassle to make your website secure.

Laravel vs WordPress Comparison

Now you have a clear understanding of both platforms now we will compare both systems under 5 factors. Which are:

1. Speed

2. SEO

3. Security 

4. Scalability

5. Performance 

I think it is better to mention that I will just provide my honest review for both the platform using my  interaction with both the stacks 

1. Speed comparison between WordPress and Laravel: 
While WordPress depends on Plugins to extend its functionality, adding more and more will eventually slow the site down. On the other hand laravel uses Eloquent ORM for database queries which makes it one of the fastest frameworks. So when it comes to speed Laravel is the clear winner.

2. SEO comparison between WordPress and Laravel:
WordPress gives an easy approach to make the search engine index the contents on the site. WordPress websites usually work well in search results. There are no out-of-the-box SEO capabilities available for Laravel. However, there are a variety of resources for optimizing the material. So when it comes to SEO WordPress is the clear winner.

3. Security comparison between WordPress and Laravel:
Cybersecurity is one of WordPress’ primary concerns, as a lot of issues were found in the past. This applies in particular to downloaded plugins and themes primarily beyond the control of Automattic. 

Over the years, though, WP has greatly improved this on security but still, it has not reached the level of laravel. Laravel includes sophisticated, frame-built security measures. This comprises identity verification mechanics, encryption of passwords, route security, and defense against common attacks. So when it comes to security Laravel is the clear winner.

4. Scalability comparison between WordPress and Laravel: 
Expanding WordPress web applications may be difficult. The add-ons drag the site down and modification choices are restricted. When you think of scalability, Laravel is a great opportunity. Due to the modular design, the architecture may be shaped from the very beginning and modified freely as the project expands. So when it comes to scalability Laravel is the clear winner.

5. Performance comparison between WordPress and Laravel:
WordPress sometimes struggles from the long loading of sites and terrible results of some add-ons. It appears great in static sites, but if not optimized, sophisticated solutions might be a barrier. On the other hand, Laravel is built to cope with difficult operations. The integrated features provide plenty of functionality and may be supported by dozens of packages

Laravel vs WordPress Which one is better ?

So finally we can come to an end on which is better. If you ask me I would say both are great and it will depend on you actually. For static websites, there is no better option than WordPress but when it comes to web applications laravel is your best option. So there you have it. I hope it will be a lot easier for you to choose now. If you have any more queries do feel free to get in touch with us.

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