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Best SEO Tools and Plugins 2019

Previously we discussed why SEO is not working on your site. In that one, we talked about how to maintain and keep track of your website. But I did not explain the tools and plugins you need to use to do these tasks. 

Technical SEO Tools :

  1. Google Analytics:
    Google Analytics, powered by Google, is mainly used to measure the traffic of your website. It will give you every information about your website traffic, who is visiting your website, how many active users, from which country they are visiting, which page they are reading right now — every back-link information of your site they give you all.
  2. Google Search Console:
    Google search console is a suitable suit provided by google. It helps you to see duplicate metadata, robot.txt verification, technical site errors, sitemap faults, security issues, etc. Click-through rate is an essential aspect, and also impressions of every page are needed. Both click-through rate (CTR) and impressions can be seen here. It is essential to monitor as it gives the perfect idea of your website present traffic state.
  3. Hreflang text generator:
    Hreflang is used when you have a website in multiple languages. Suppose you have a website or content in both Spanish and English language. Google will think about it as duplicate content. You can solve it with Hreflang and specify that they are the same content but optimized for different linguistic people. Now, this tool helps you to generate the link, and you will have to add the link to your website.
  4. Penguin Tool:
    Google updates its crawling system, and there are many algorithms behind it. Among them are penguins, panda etc. Sometimes after an update, your website might get a penalty. That’s why you always need to monitor these updates and get your website updated with new algorithms. Penguin tool helps you to keep you updated and will inform you if your website is not working up to mark.

Keyword Research Tools:

  1. 4. :
    With the Google keyword planner tool, you can do researches on your keywords. Here you can see which keywords are popular and the traffic of a specific keyword. Moreover, you will get perfect keyword ideas from here. It’s one of the best SEO tools.
  2. Keyworddit:
    It is a very efficient tool for keyword research. It will give you keyword ideas that are not shown in other tools. So if you want to be in a sideline, different from others, you can try this tool. It mainly scraps Reddit keywords which are commonly used.
  3. Ubersuggest:
    In the world of SEO, Neil Patel and his tools are very useful and efficient. You will get the idea of particular keyword competition, and also it has added youtube keyword ideas.

WordPress Tools for speed up your website:

  1. WP Rocket:
    It is a caching tool. This tool is very useful to those people who have no idea about caching. It has all the setup configured; you will have to activate it. With just one click, it will clear all your website caches.
  2. W3 Total Cache:
    It is a very popular caching plugin. It has all the features for optimization. But it is not for beginners. It has a very details instructed setup, which is very difficult for beginners to configure.
  3. Smush Image Optimization, Compression, and Lazy Load:
    It’s mainly an image compression plugin. It automatically optimizes your image after uploading and bulk optimize the older images.
  4. EWWW Image Optimizer:
    It’s also an image compression tool. Mainly it doesn’t work with API keys and does all the compression on your server. It also offers bulk optimization, and it’s fast and efficient
  5. Wp super minify:
    Wp super minify, a WordPress plugin that minifies, caches and combines all JS and CSS files. This way, the speed is up to mark and files are optimized.
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    A couple weeks ago, my editor gave us the INK for All optimization app. Only been using it for a short time at this point, but it’s already helping me improve the quality of my writing and give me back hours and hours of my time.

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    Nancy R. Corpuz

    Awesome Tips! I am finding this article from Monday.
    Finally I got it. Thanks..

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    Jason Mark

    Great Article Thanks for share with us. seo group

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    I do like using Yoast but Ink for all is my absolute favorite. I prefer it because it’s a text editor that helps with optimization with WordPress integration

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