Build an E-commerce website using Laravel & advantages of using Laravel ?


By Md Ifran

Executive, Business Development

Date: July 6, 2021

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We are living in an era of digitalization where most of daily life is touched by digitalization. Though the 1st evidence of e-commerce dates back to 1960 in early 2000 it started to get attention. Nowadays there are many technologies that are used to build an e-commerce website. Using laravel to Build an E-commerce website is getting much more popular due to the few advantages that come with laravel framework. In this article, we will discuss laravel and how laravel e-commerce websites work.

About Laravel 

Laravel is a web framework with powerful, clean syntax. A web framework gives your application structure and a starting point, allowing you to concentrate on building anything spectacular while we sweat the technicalities.

Laravel aims to give a fantastic user experience while also delivering strong features like comprehensive dependency injection, an eloquent database arithmetic logic unit, queues, and planned operations, unit and integration and system testing, and more.

Laravel is a system that can mature with you, whether you’re new to PHP or development environments or have years of expertise. It will guide you through your initial steps as a software engineer or give you a boost as you advance your skills.

When developing a web application, you may use a number of tools and frameworks. We think, however, that Laravel is the finest framework for creating contemporary, full-stack online applications.

Advantages of Using Laravel Ecommerce Packages 

Many firms utilize fully prepared CMSs like WP, Drupal, or Magento October, and PyroCMS for their online storefronts to simplify content administration. They invest a significant amount of time and resources on the customization of their website.

Isn’t it preferable to utilize a completely optimized Laravel PHP framework rather than a ready-made CMS that needs a lot of time and effort? Here are few advantages of using laravel over readymade CMSs

1. Laravel is cost-friendly
Alright, you might be wondering most of the CMS are open source and being free to use is not a great advantage right. But most people overlook the other costs related to choosing a framework. Laravel is self-contained, meaning it does not depend on third-party tools or apps to deliver various functionalities.

It allows for the rapid development and deployment of web applications with no downtime, resulting in decreased project development costs. Laravel’s extensive and customizable deployments to multiple servers conspire to form it one of the most popular web application development platforms. It helps you save a lot of money on infrastructure costs.

2. Laravel is scalable
Scalability is the most crucial characteristic that any e-commerce platform should have. Many business owners add items, suppliers, and associated inventories to their online shops on a regular basis, necessitating the use of scalable software solutions.

Most significantly, the expansion of the client base necessitates online scalability at all stages. You always want your web app to be able to accommodate thousands of users at once if you have a fully working e-commerce shop. This is what the Laravel e-commerce CMS is all about: providing you with powerful scalable solutions that you can adopt at any level to meet your specific needs.

3. Laravel is easy to test
Testing is at the heart of Laravel’s design. In reality, PHPUnit functionality is built-in from the start, and a phpunit.xml file for the application is already present. The framework also includes useful helper methods for testing programs in a more expressive manner. It allows users to simulate fundamental user behavior in a simple manner.

4. Laravel offers a manageable shopping cart
The Laravel e-commerce package makes it simple to handle web stores and the Laravel shopping cart. The fundamental features of carts,
goods, inventories, billing, bill payments, and other services are pre-set in the platforms.

It allows you to create your own procedures, allowing you to handle your current development activities while also making room for future processes.

5. Laravel offers highly optimized e-commerce experience 
If it is an e-commerce website or perhaps another website, it must function properly in order to give an unparalleled experience to its visitors. Thanks to its strong support for cache backends like Memcached and Redis, Laravel provides outstanding speed.

Additionally, the technology gives developers extra caching setup choices. It also allows developers to employ additional efficiencies and performance optimization techniques, such as memory use minimization and database indexing.

Build E-commerce website using Laravel Packages 

Now you know why experienced developers prefer Laravel when developing Ecommerce websites. Laravel offers a few great Ecommerce packages which makes the development process a whole lot easier. Here are few of the laravel

1. Bagisto
Bagisto is an open and free e-commerce system built using Laravel and vue.js. It is intended for all levels of users to help them establish and expand their e-commerce operations, with accessibility in mind. It comes with a wide range of features and gives you total control over your store.

Because Laravel’s power is supplied, it makes it possible to manage products easily, allowing shop owners freedom to introduce products according to customer demands. Even for non-techies, Bagisto is simple and versatile to use. Setting up an online store or transitioning from a physical store to a fully working web store takes less time, money, and resources.

2. AvoRed
AvoRed is a Laravel-based open-source application framework for e-commerce applications in PHP. It’s a clever and modular e-commerce that’s easy to customize to your needs and comes standard with a contemporary responsive mobile-friendly layout. AvoRed has SEO optimized URL and page title, and data may also be supported with the assistance of third-party module integration.

3. Aimeos
Aimeos is in many respects topping the grid of popular Laravel e-commerce solutions. Not only do they contain fundamental aspects in developing a fully working Laravel shopping cart, but also have numerous extra features, such as language support, configurable themes and ready-to-use SEO tools.

The Aimeos package is totally free to use. The mixture of optimized servers and an efficient database architecture offers blisteringly fast web speed. That’s why every developer will be rapidly favored by Aimeos, which offers faster loading of Web pages at zero latencies.

4. Mage2
Mage2 is also a prominent Laravel e-commerce package which offers a range of modules that integrate different functionality into an e-commerce shop. Its use is likewise quite different in Laravel online businesses.

You may download multiple code snippets for different features instead of only a single installation. Then these snippets are appended to the core program code, which keeps the basic code intact.

The main benefit of utilizing Mage2 is that it makes it easy for you to pick out and select the functionality you want. It also lets you tailor the code snippets as per your ecommerce store’s desired requirement.

5. Laraship
Laraship is a multi-seller e-commerce platform in Laravel that allows vendors to market their items in one hub. It offers more than 10 gateways of payment and several themes. This is one of the most powerful Laravel search engines. Laraship includes all of the functions of an online retail platform, powered by Laravel 5.5.

Few Ecommerce websites built with Laravel

1. GameHub BD
Gamehub is a gaming marketplace designed to make all games more accessible to games without any hassle. This unique platform was developed to unite the gaming community under one roof.

2. Surokkha
Surokkha Insurance Portal is an App-based Insurance Aggregation Platform. This Insurance Marketplace allows you to purchase Insurance Policies that best fits your needs. Here you can avail Life, Health, Travel and Motor Vehicle and other Insurance online at your convenience.

3. Subidha
Subidha is a platform that can be used by the users to purchase pharmaceutical products that require a valid medical prescription issued by a medical expert/ doctor.

Using laravel to build your next e-commerce website might be the best solution in your hand right now. If you need any help with Laravel Ecommerce do not be shy to get in touch with us.

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