bizMaestros 2020

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September 26, 2020

bizMaestros is Unilever’s flagship business competition that has been rendering its participants with the thrill of the actual business. This platform gives final year undergraduate students an unparalleled opportunity to work on business challenges and build their acumen & skills, thus preparing them for the corporate world. The 3 exciting rounds will be hosted virtually to ensure participants’ safety. The bizMaestros online platform will provide the participants enough leeway so that they can participate in the competition without being exposed to the COVID virus.

The Problem

With the ongoing global pandemic, so many of the ongoing global projects in diverse sectors came to a halt. But Unilever decided to arrange its showcase business competition, given the COVID situation currently being handled with proper caution. With educational institutions and workplaces running their activities through online mediums, the competition stakeholders also decided to hold the long drawn out program over online capabilities. Thus, the bizMaestros website was actualized.

The Solution

Unilever decided to conduct all the rounds of bizMaestros 2020 online. Ranging from team registration, case delivery, score distribution, checking deadline, rules & regulations, submission of solution, video upload, result showcasing, cases & solutions from previous years, etc. everything can be found, controlled and supervised through the bizMaestros website. Thus, the participants can maintain their safety while the competition can run with all its glory.


bizMaestros is one of the most prestigious competitions in the country, opening up overwhelming career opportunities for the business studies undergraduate community. Many await this opportunity to shine in the world of corporate business. Not being able to participate this year would be a huge blow for so many promising prospects. Thus, it was the right decision for Unilever to organize the program and conduct all of it through digital means. We hope there are some truly unique ideas and designs this year that will contribute to the future of our country.


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