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September 30, 2020

GameHub is a gaming community designed to make all games more accessible to gamers without any hassle. With a vision to become the most appreciated community among gamers, we are trying to unite all kinds of video game enthusiasts. Bringing more and more games to your doorstep at the cheapest prices is our top priority because we understand a gamer’s impulse and urges. With us by your side, you can save more and most importantly play more.

The Problem

The platform mainly focuses on the game sharing feature for PS4 players. Eventually, we will reach the Xbox and PC gamers. The vast majority of PS4 gamers are restricted due to the high price of game discs. It’s very hard for a regular gamer to afford a new game every now and then. They have to save up for some time before they can hit the stores and get their favorite games in hand. Gamers want to play games whenever they want to break free from reality but this incredible high price puts them in a bind.

The Solution

With our platform, gamers no longer have to spend all of their pocket money on a single game, rather they can just rent their favorite games and return them after playing with utmost satisfaction. They can put their completed games up for rent or sale on our website and other gamers can borrow the games for money or any other game of their choice. We are here to help every gamer play and enjoy video games without having to worry about the expensive tolls and drawbacks.



Our product is the service itself. The platform we’re providing will empower the gaming community. Gamers will use our service to borrow games from others following official guidelines. We will ensure the quality of the discs borrowed as well as look after security issues such as fraud, stolen or damaged discs. Later down the line, we will expand into Xbox and PC gaming.


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