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July 2, 2020

Have you ever wanted to cycle around Australia? GoCycle allows you to achieve this virtually. You’re in control of your journey. Ride as little or often as you like and GoCycle will track every ride on its interactive maps. GoCycle has many features and functionalities to keep users motivated, healthy, and active.

As you start on your virtual journey and ride around Australia, you can measure performances, create routes, join challenges, and participate in worldwide events. A performance-driven reward is awarded for every km you ride. Celebrate your progress and share achievements with your cycling buddies. Cycle to increase health and fitness levels through personalized routes and challenges.

GoCycle has been tailored for cyclists of all levels. From beginners to the most dedicated cyclist, members can customize their routes and challenges to suit their cycling capabilities. Get that extra push to stay motivated with real-world challenges, creating your personal goals, and inviting your friends to join you. Who says you need to go to France to do the tour? Originality, invention, and creativity are values that keep us moving in the right direction.

What’s next? Your journey around Australia is only the beginning…


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