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September 2, 2020

A school management system is an online application for managing your students, teachers, and administrative information along with other school functionalities. It also makes everything completely digitized. Moreover, it includes day to day administration, attendance management, notices, events, exam management, course management, and many other services. This digital management system reduces the paperwork of school admins as well as helps you track everything of a school including administration, teachers, students and staff under one platform.

The Problem

Managing an educational institution is a daunting task, even for the experienced management team. Hundreds of students, dozens of teachers and groups of other staff, make it challenging to keep track of all their records. Because of an apparent lack of technology; administrators and other stakeholders have a hard time achieving their designated goals in the given time. As a result, the institute begins to lag, causing them to lose the potential candidates’ attention. And these are the problems without having considered the ones of the parents of the students. This is where the Shoroborno comes in to ease the difficulties.

The Solution

Integrating a software system with the administrative functions of the school can change so many aspects for the better. Reduced workload, easy communication, attendance management, tracking of payments, creating report cards and notices are just a few of the benefits that the system can offer. The impact of these changes will bring about new advancements for the institution, and we can keep up with the rapidly evolving world. ShoroBorno is a product of Augnitive, that can assist you with these tasks and reduce your workload by digitizing every aspect of the school management system. We designed this product to help schools and colleges with the upbringing of the future generation of our country.



The implementation of technology in educational sectors is not a very old concept. Only recently, most of the schools have decided to run their institutions with such software. Ease of communication, better examination management, effortless payment system, easy accessibility, increased productivity, less use of natural resources, etc. are just a few benefits to be mentioned. We hope we can contribute to a digital and prosperous Bangladesh with Shoroborno.


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