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January 3, 2021

Subidha is a platform that could be used by consumers to buy pharmaceutical drugs that require a verified medical prescription. The prescription must be registered pharmacist or by a medical expert/doctor for the purposes of supplying such medication. This service can be availed by using both the web application and mobile app. Subidha aims to provide authentic medicine at your doorstep around the clock throughout Bangladesh. 


Medicine is a lifesaver but it can also do some serious damage if the medicines are not authentic. Another issue we always face is the availability of certain medicines. If not taken on time it can create a life and death situation. Think about senior citizens, our grandparents, or even our own parents who always forget to take medicines on time. All these preexisting issues are in our pharmaceutical industry for decades but nobody bats an eye. But finally, someone stepped forward and did something about it thus Subidha was set in motion. 


The solution was as simple as that! an eCommerce platform that focused on only pharmaceutical products and a mobile application to make the whole process easy and straightforward. This whole solution has only one name ‘SUBIDHA’. Using this unique solution for you can get your prescribed medicine on your doorstep at your convenient time. No matter where you live “Subidha” can your doorway for pharmaceutical items. The Subidha mobile application comes in two forms one for the end-user and another for the pharmacies. By using the Subidha pharmacy app you can get registered and take your business online. For the users Subidha App allows you to buy prescribed medicines and also set an alarm for taking medicines on time. This can be very critical for elderly persons and not to mention all the medicines provided by Subidha are 100% authentic.


Used Technologies


The end product was inconceivable, an eCommerce platform along with a mobile application for both android and IOS version was forged for Subidha. Using the Aubidha platform users now can buy and keep their medication with no bother.


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