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September 2, 2020

Surokkha is a medium platform between Insurance companies and clients who are willing to have insurance. It’s an app-based Insurance Marketplace where anyone can get digital insurance service from their homes. Initially, Surokkha is provided only Vehicle Insurance services followed by Health, Travel and other insurance domains.

The Problem

Ezy fintech ltd. was looking for a modern appearance for their user-friendly web application as well as mobile applications and they also wanted to ensure the customer mandatory car or vehicle Insurance in application or online based so that customers can have the service on their hand.

The Solution

We took an initiative to develop the web application and mobile applications. Here we provided comprehensive solutions for all phases, including designing, developing, deploying and maintaining websites and software, as well as marketing perspective. Our aim was to transform client’s vision into reality as a technical partner. During our web or software development phase, we focused on designing high impact, user-friendly and functional web applications which enhanced their company’s image and customer retention as well as sales.



Right now, Surokkha is quite easy to use and also anyone can get proper insurance service from their homes. Ultimately Admin (Ezy fintech ltd.), insurance companies, and customers all stakeholders are extremely happy to have Surokkha running with full functionality.

Asad Khan EZY Fintech Ltd. , Bangladesh

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