machine learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a method to make a machine act like a human/nature. As a result it takes a large number of examples from real-world events. Moreover a machine learning model is trained on a computer to learn the patterns of the samples. Therefore after training the model, the model can predict new events similar to those events. Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning which is used to solve more complex problems with reasonable accuracy, performance and less error. There are lots of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, here are some popular models –

  • Machine Learning
    • Supervised
      • Naive Bayes
      • KNN
    • Unsupervised
      • KMeans
  • Deep Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
      • Sequence To Sequence Model
    • Computer Vision
      • YOLO – You Only Look Once
      • Convolutional Neural Networks
      • AlexNet
      • Tesseract for OCR
    • Regressions
      • LSTM – Long Short Term Memory
      • PLSTM – Phased LSTM

We develop compelling Machine Learning models, including Deep Learning (DL) models. Therefore We can develop models to solve your problem with good accuracy and less error. Our team can do every task regarding machine learning such as-

  • Data Processing
  • Annotating
  • Implementing the best model for your problem
  • Model Tuning for best accuracy or less error
  • Additionally, we have a team to develop API or Applications with model

Have a great experience in developing Machine Learning models by us.