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Now a days, Social Media Promotion becomes a good trend specially in eCommerce industry. In my previous blog, we have discussed ‘The Impact of Social Media in Today’s Business’. Right now, we are going to discuss how we can promote our business by using social media. We know, there are two major divisions when it comes to promotion. First of all, one option is the paid method; the second option is organic method, that means without paying for advertisement. Today we will talk about the paid process. 

Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising permits direct promotion that is shown to the users of social networks. The most beneficial thing is that usually, maximum social networks offer an option for targeting the users based on location, gender, age, etc.  

The paid advertising is very much useful, and by it, we can reach the targeted users quickly as well as it saves our time, money and effort. Let’s explain the process of advertising on one of the most popular social networks among marketers.

Advertising on Facebook

Because of a large number of users, Facebook advertisement became more popular. Generally, we can start our Facebook Ads by ‘Create Ad’ or ‘Boost Ad’. Today I will show the process of how to start a Facebook Ad by ‘Create Ad’ option. For beginning the advertisement, you have to have a Facebook account and a Facebook page. Then log in to your account and use the option in the top bar of the Facebook profile, to access the drop-down menu. You can find an option “Advertising on Facebook” and click on it. 

Advertising on Facebook- (Augnitive)

After that, you have to click the option ‘Create an Ad’. 

Create an Ad - (Augnitive)

 Then your ‘Ad Manager’ window will be opened. 

Ad Manager Window (Augnitive)
Ad Manager Window

From this window, Facebook offers you many advertising objectives like Awareness, Consideration or Conversion that help you to reach your business goals. Your ad objective refers to when users/customers see your ads, what you want people to do. For example- if you’re going to increase your page’s likes, comments etc., you should select the ‘Engagement’ option’. After selecting your business goal, “Create new” option is automatically shown on the left side. You may use this “Create new” option, or you may click on the ‘Switch to Quick Creation’ button for creating a new ad. 

Now, in the next page, you have to write the ad name, build a new targeted audience based on location, age, gender, language, etc., and then pick the budget, payment system. And choose your page or specific post which you want to promote, and finally press the continue button. After completing the review by Facebook authority, your post or page will be promoted.

Finally, social media promotion can be a great promotional strategy for marketers as well as new entrepreneurs. Without Facebook, there are various social networks by which we can do our promotional activities such as advertising on YouTube.

Only three steps, you can follow for advertising on YouTube-

Step 1: Upload your video to Youtube

Step 2: Create an AdWords Account

and Step 3: Launch your video ad

I will discuss details about ‘advertising on YouTube in my next blog. So, Stay with Augnitive.

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From my view, today’s social media is not a new concept; it comes from the antiquity era. Are you surprised? Yes, in the antiquity era, people used to write on the big stone not only using text but also drawing several pictures like big fish, leaves etc. That is why Geologists found several symbols about it. But, today’s online based social communication system is smarter that that and the impact on social media is also huge in our personal life, professional life and business sector.

By using social media, we can maintain our social relationships, and we can target our specific customers for doing promotional activities of our business. Social media also helps us to- 

  • Increase brand recognition and loyalty

    Marketers can use social media for marketing purposes, resulting in increased brand recognition and brand loyalty. It helps to increase the ultimate sales.

  • Reach more people 

    By properly using social media, we can reach more customers quickly, and we can promote our products and services more than physical marketing.

  • Increase conversion

    The effectiveness of social media campaigns helps in generating website traffic as well as goal conversions.

  • Reduced cost of marketing

    For doing mass marketing, your marketing cost is so high, on the other hand, social media is the best platform for reducing the cost for marketers.

  • Take advantage of different Ads formats

    For ads purpose, we have to make different formats when we do marketing in physically, but in the social media, you can remove your old form anytime, and you can upload the new one.

  • Available to everyone  

    Nowadays, Social Media is available to everyone. So, it provides marketers to get more advantages in doing promotional activities.

The Most important Social Media Websites 


Facebook is a handy social platform where we can create awareness about our products or services. There are two types of methods- Organic method and Paid Method.  

Organic Method
    In Organic Method, we can do promotional activities by creating Facebook Page as well as creating Facebook Group. We can increase ‘like’ on our page, besides we have to add more related users into our group and then we can upload or share our products and services for attracting our targeted customers.
Paid Method
    In Paid Method, we can boost our post or create a paid advertisement which allows direct promotion and that are shown to the users of the social networks.  The most important thing is that we can target based on age, gender, location etc. I will talk details in my next blog.

  • Without these two methods, there are some small methods, you can follow like creating an event.  


Twitter has a  significant role in social media marketing. Although less popular than Facebook, it has a large number of active users. Here, sending short messages called ‘tweets’ is how the content is shared on this social network. Twitter is widespread media, especially among celebrities, politicians, business professions, and so on. 

After completing your profile on Twitter, you can go for marketing. Remember, profile image, header photo, bio, website URL, theme color etc. should be perfect. Some common ways are given below:

Marketing with Twitter
  • Hashtag 

    Hashtags are the labels that help to discover content which is related to a specific topic. So, we have to use popular hashtags for quickly finding our targeted customers. For example, a Web Developer may use the following types of hashtags on Twitter-

    #PHP #webdevelopment #webapplication #Javascript #Laravel etc.

  • Retweet

    If the tweet is relevant to your business or if you like that tweet, don’t hesitate to retweet it. It is also a right way for connecting people easily. Here, you can share quality content with your followers.

  • Follow & Get Followed

    On Twitter, when you follow someone, it means that the user is notified, but the user also follows you, it doesn’t mean. However, following other users is an excellent way to connect, and get the exposure to this social network. Our goal should be to increase the number of followers so that you can promote your business with them.

Without Facebook and Twitter, there are so many social medias like LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, Yelp, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare etc. Use of social media depends on country basis. That is why, before going to social media marketing, we have to do research and then do market segmentation and targeting, resulting the impact of Social Media, you can understand and you can increase your ROI.

In my next blog, I will discuss on ‘Paid Marketing Process and Social Analytics’ so that you can easily increase your ROI and the clear concept of analyzing part as well.

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