Why Health Information Technology Matters?

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Health Information Technology (Health IT) is broad term that describes the technologies and used to record, analyze and share patient’s data. Many technologies added to record system like personal, paper, personal health tools like smart devices and mobile apps. Technologies also used to share and discuss information. Few of the information technologies can tell about the patients what they should do like go to diet, eat more vegetables etc.

Health Information Technology system improves the quality of medical report, decrease medical errors, increase patient safety, also add strong communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Why is Health Information Technology important?

  • Improve healthcare quality and patient’s safety
  • More accurate in report and analysis
  • Improve public health infrastructure
  • Help in decision-making for clinical and consumer
  • Improve efficiency of health service
  • Build health skills and knowledge
  • Help ministry to track public health

Benefits of Health Information Technology

Health IT is beneficial for both professional and patients. Professional can be benefited like-

  • Faster lab results: More than 75% of laboratory clinicians claimed that by using Health IT they can provide test report faster than conventional method.
  • Faster Collect Information: Health IT system can audit from previous patient’s information faster than paper auditing system. That is time saving and easy to store records.
  • Time saving: Most of the healthcare professionals reported Health IT is more time saving and also reduce efforts.

Health IT also beneficial for patients:

  • Medical records can be shared with specialized doctor
  • Revolutionizing healthcare IT has been enabled for patients to directly access their personal health record. It helps to involve own to healthcare, also helps to keep better track of own health condition.
  • Type 1 diabetes patients are required to maintain a log of their glucose and insulin levels, most of those patients find preferable to use electronics logs.
  • Pregnant women can track their health by visualizing their baby condition. They also can know about food habit and what exercise they should do during the pregnancy period.
  • Health IT system reduce the repetition of tests which are done in past no need to perform again. If a test of allergy done before this report can be used, no repeat test needed.

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