SEO Risks! Handle them with Courage

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used for bringing traffic to a website and increasing the visibility of a website. So if you have a website and you do not follow the SEO technique, all your work will be in vain. Thus, to track and increase the quality and quantity of website traffic, one must know the SEO risks as well as solution of these and also some techniques.

SEO is a long term process; sometimes it may seem that it does not affect a non SEO person, but in the long run, effective SEO can change a company’s profit line and can increase its popularity.

Let’s discuss what the risks and all the effective techniques are?

At first, let’s put it straight; the most significant SEO risk is following no SEO techniques in your business at all. So, you should understand right now how important it is to keep phase with SEO and its steps.

1. Test each component separately

It is possible that your website is beneficial and has rich keyword collection, but no one is visiting your site, which is disappointing, and surely you do not want that. So, in this case, you need to do individual testing. For instance test every component, tags, meta descriptions, linking, the title and contents etc. And find out which one is causing the problem. Suppose you have put a great effort in your content, but after individual testing, you saw that it is lowering your traffic, so you need to remove it now.

2. Get back-link, Give some back

It is not always about getting all backlinks as Google will see if you are capable of carrying others backlink too. So acquiring backlink is essential but you need to give backlinks to other websites, but we always need to be careful about referring other sites because it can contain spam, low-quality content and it will result in negative SEO.

3. Organize Websites URL Structure

In SEO, URL is an important fact. For instance Search Engines will be able to crawl your website much better & efficiently if your website URL is shorter, which results in much better SEO. Unnecessary letters in keyword make it hard to read, and Google also doesn’t support it. So here, the risk focuses on this kind of change that can directly affect ranking. So if your URL is stuffed with keyword and long, you need to get rid of that extra descriptive part and make it as optimized as possible.

4.  Be Updated and Get New Trends

Modern technology changes very rapidly. So to keep phase with this technology, all the websites need to be updated. Therefore if it is an old site, it is required to redesign. This whole redesign and updating are risky, expensive and also time-consuming. Sometimes after redesigning, customers do not understand at first, and later they have to adjust with the new one. One cannot assure that the old customers will deal with this situation patiently. But if you want to get enough attention to potential clients, this update or redesign is a must.

5. Buy the available and business related domain

The domain plays a vital role in SEO. Suppose you have a company of laptop, but your domain name is related to a chicken farm, then your customer will never know about you. So keep relevance about the domain name, make it proper, simple and easy to remember. And if you can manage a decent domain with a history, grab it and use it, despite the risk facts if you know the process well, you can do it without any hassle.

Now let’s talk about risks which you should avoid to gain favorable SEO ranking.
1. Avoid doorway pages at any cost

Doorway pages are mainly used to target specific keywords. Experienced SEO engineers avoid it because it’s a bad practice, and Google doesn’t like it and can penalize which or whatever sites use them.

2. Avoid neutral backlinks

Everyone wants a good backlink which will help him to rank higher in search engine. Backlinks can be good or bad, but there are neutral backlinks too. Neutral ones won’t take your site higher or lower. It is better to remove because, in recent, Google updates, Google do not allow this type of backlinks and give penalize for it.

3. Don’t Delete content or pages

If you have stopped a service or manufacturing a product, you may delete the related page and URL as it is no longer of any use. But do not do that. Keep the page and content. Because these pages have an SEO value too and the keywords that were used in it which are still relevant. Moreover if you delete the page or content, related keywords will be gone, and it will affect the traffic. So, the great idea is to keep the entire page and its content as it is beneath, it writes a simple note to inform that it is not available, and later give some related site link to the user.

4. Organize Your Anchor Tags

Many SEO engineers target keywords in the anchor tag. It is a great way to let people know about your website, but after a specific time, the amount of keyword increased in the anchor tags, and many tags did not come from a trusted or authoritative source. After this, Google started to penalize those who used unnecessary keywords in anchor tags. So, do not take risks and stop stuffing keywords in anchor tags. So Look for more trusted source and link your site with varied backlink portfolio.

5. Small SEO changes should be avoided

It is always great to keep your site updated as it keeps your website up to date with present days. If you change frequently and make small changes repeatedly, Google will notice it. Usually, Google put a red flag for it and Your site will look suspicious if you make too many little changes. Moreover the website user will get confused, and they will think that your site is suspicious. SEO is a susceptible part of any website or company. It needs to be handled carefully because one mistake can reduce the popularity, and as a result, the company will face loss. So, knowing all the risks by doing proper research, one can take his company to a high standard.

That’s for today, If you want to learn more about SEO and it’s process, try Here you will get answers of your many questions. If you have any suggestions do let me know in the comment section. All the best!

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