Why SEO is Not Working On My Site?

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Previously I discussed do’s and don’ts in SEO. Today, we are going to discuss why after applying do’s and don’ts your website is not improving. Suppose you did everything; you followed every step of SEO, fixed your website correctly, added every property needed, hiring an SEO company to look after your SEO works, but you see no improvement? Relax, it happens. When these phases come, everyone gets frustrated. Instead of getting frustrated, start to think about what went wrong.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not some math by which after proper calculation, you will see the output instantly. It is a long term process that needs to be maintained from time to time. After a certain period, you will see the results gradually. So don’t be disappointed!

So, today, we will discuss what you are doing wrong and why your SEO is not working, and together, we will make our techniques stronger than before. Let’s begin!

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Insufficient Content

It is said that content is king. Do you have useful, original and unique content? Great, that’s what everyone loves. There is a quote –  Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

So keep your content relevant and original. Make it optimized and informative. Cut all the unnecessary chitchats, keep it plain and simple so that the readers get whatever they want quickly.

Remember, Google is smarter!

Do not apply highly strategic ideas to rank top. Honestly speaking, it will not work. If you are thinking, Google is dumb and won’t get your tactics; you are wrong. Whatever you do, you must keep in mind that Google will scan it and you can not get away with it just like that. So be hardworking and honest and apply the right strategy in your website which will go accordingly. And, remember no hocus-pocus !  

Website Speed

No matter what others say, speed matters and your website’s ranking depends on speed. So spend a reasonable amount of time on increasing speed. In the present days, people have less time and more curiosity. When your website loads in less than 2 seconds, the users explore with less inconvenience. Try webpagetest.org and Google’s page speed insight tool. In the page speed insight tool, you will not get information about the speed range, and you will get to know what is hampering your website’s speed. Fix them and improve your website’s speed.

Importance of Backlinks

When your website reference is provided by other websites,  it means your website is improving and is getting acknowledged to other people or company. So manage as many backlinks as possible. Again always remember it should be an excellent website. Otherwise, your company will go into negative SEO. You can mail your blogger friend or open an account with your company information in provider type websites like clutch.co

Mobile Friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is not an option these days; it’s mandatory. Many people open your website on their mobile, and after that, if they see that they have to drag the navigation bar and to zoom in and out literally, that is very, very pathetic. The user will abandon your website at first and then he will tell his friends never to enter your site. Wretched, isn’t it? So hurry and make your website responsive mobile-friendly website.  

High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is when the users come to your site from the headline, and after reaching your website, he doesn’t see any useful data or relevant content, and he immediately runs from your website. Keep your site, and it’s content-related. Stop stuffing irrelevant, unrealistic contents.

That’s it for today. Try to focus on these problems and fix them. There are many more reasons why your website is not ranking. Keep calm and try to find out the issues. Google page speed insight will give you some problems that you need to work on. Fix them and follow all the on-page and off-page SEO. See you in the top ranking of Google.

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