Top Web Development Trends in 2021 Everyone Should know


By Md Ifran

Executive, Business Development

Date: March 15, 2021

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The year 2020 was a bummer for most of the industries & the web development industry was no exception. Since the start, we have seen a massive shift and change in web development trends. Though the experts do not think top web development trends in 2021 will have huge changes compared with trends in 2020. This blog explains the top web development trends in 2021 that everyone should keep in mind. 

Web Development History

If you are reading this article you already know what web development is? so I will not gonna bore you with it. But it’s likely that you probably have no or little knowledge of web development history. So I have decided to add this section which will provide you with an overview of web development history. 

info graph of Web development history

If you are a 90’s kid you are almost thirty by now just like web development. It may be a terrifying experience for you as you are turning into a boring adult but it is not the same for web development. You can say web development is like wine and as time passes it is becoming better & better.

Why Following Web Development Trends Is Important

We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is changing rapidly. The technologies which were used last year might look outdated next year. We are not only talking about web development but the whole tech world.  Here is why following web development trends is important:

1. Stay updated:
New trends meaning new updates it does not matter whether you are building up from the scratch or updating an existing website. It is always important to stay updated no matter how big or small the update is.

2. Attract more users:
It’s kind of a norm that new trends attract new users as people like to stay updated whether it’s a social media trend or web development trend. So whenever a new technology or trend comes up you must make the most out of it.

3. Stay secured:
Usually, new web trends are a bunch of newly updated features that aim to improve an existing process or make a new one. As people are getting more & more conscious about their virtual security, new trends are bringing in more & more security features that take user’s security to the next level.   

4. Optimized website:
If you only focus on web development trends each trend takes website optimization to a new extent. If you are running your business via a website an optimized website is something you must need.  

5. Increased usability:
If you have read the last two-point both actually aim towards one thing & that is usability. Following trends makes it easier for people to connect with your website and that increases your website usability. 

Web Development Trends in 2021 

The year 2020 was one of the worst years of human history & we are still feeling the effects of it in 2021. Generally speaking there has not been a huge trend shift in recent years. But here are few trends which are & will continue to dominate the web development industry. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 
Despite it has been decades since the announcement, artificial intelligence continues to be one of the most significant trends in Web development. Over the years our lives have been experiencing more and more modern technologies but AI is not fading away any time soon. Today, AI can mimic a surprisingly high degree of human activity.

Theoretical principles have been transformed into full use cases in recent years, particularly in chatbots, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Progressive Web Apps:
PWA is one of the latest developments in web innovation revealed by Google a few years ago. It can be viewed as a website communicating with a user as a mobile app. In other words, when the user opens it from a desktop browser, it remains a normal website. it becomes a cross-section between a website and a mobile application when PWA is accessed with a mobile browser, .

Motion User Interface:
The motion user interface is one of the latest aspects in software design and web development in 2021. Minimalistic structure combined with complex interactions provides an appealing and engaging look that draws the interest of the customer. As the name clearly implies, motion user interface design is about movement in design.

However, it involves more than simply animating the part of the screen. The motion design must be considered on the UI/UX design level. The explanation behind it is that only the display with animation is a little short of its actual intent. The additional action must mean something and have a meaning.

Single Page Applications(SPA):
SPA architecture is one of the top concepts in web technology that has become significant not long ago. Now it is being adopted by companies such as Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, and so on. The JavaScript-based single-page application requires no reloading of the page. During its use as it’s only partly refreshed when switching to new page items. GameHub BD is a perfect example of SPA.

Virtual Commerce: 
I am not entirely sure if virtual commerce is a new trend in 2021 or not but it will definitely take over the e-commerce industry in near future. Ecommerce is still one of the growing stages but some believe the industry has reached its peak. Virtual commerce is an e-commerce platform where people use virtual reality for shopping.

You can also use voice to search for products and all these will be facilitated by the widespread use of 5G. Trend or not but V-commerce is a thing of the future. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on web development trends & if you like any one of the trends mentioned in this article let us know. If you wish to implement a few make sure you contact us & will help you out. 

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