UIU Alumni Association

Website for UIU CSE Alumni Members

The involvement of alumni in supporting and providing contributions to their university is important for maintaining and expanding a university’s development. So It is important to establish channels that can build closer ties between the alumni, students, and university. Certainly, this bond can provide crucial benefits in enriching the student’s experience while being at the university. Moreover, Every alumni has experience from being a student to becoming a unique and different graduate. This experience has the potential for all alumni to contribute to the university in different ways and scale.UIU CSE Alumni Association is an effective role model and the students can accept them easily. With the return of the alumni to support the university, they bring with them credibility and justification as part of a successful university. for instance, alumni share Experiences in time management, financial management, development of self-discipline and character, or in career management with students. Students can easily accept this experience stories as guidance and inspiration. Through this way, UIU CSE Alumni Association can assist in strengthening confidence, improve motivation and introduce the right culture in line with what the university intends to convey to its students.